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  The set up and take down is included in the price, there may be a small delivery fee if you are over 10 miles from CM1. Let us know the postcode we would be going to and we will let you know what the delivery would be.


  We like to arrive well in advance to set up the package, at least 2 hours prior to the party starting. We will then return the following day normally around 10.30 – 11.00 unless we have agreed otherwise.


  When we arrive we will need the area to have been cleared out beforehand so we can get it set up straight away also when we return please ensure the area is as clear as possible so packing away can be efficient. It takes approximately an hour and half to set up 6 to 8 beds.


  It is down to you to make sure you have measured the space when booking to make sure we have enough space for the amount of beds you require. Each bed will need a space of 90cm x 2.5m which will fit the bed, tent frame plus space for the tray to be set up at the end of the bed. If you are unsure of if the space is big enough feel free to contact us with your measurements and we can arrange a layout to make it all fit in.


  A deposit of 25% will need to be received to secure the booking, then the remaining balance will be due 2 weeks prior to the booking. Where we will go over the times and spacing again to make sure everything runs perfectly on the day.


  Age wise we recommend age 4 upwards is suitable.


  All our bedding and soft furnishings are freshly laundered for each hire, all props trays and accessories are cleaned and disinfected ready for the next lot of campers.


  Why not add on our overnight essentials package for each camper which includes toothbrush, face cloth and socks so that all your campers will need to bring is their pyjamas.


  We ask all our campers to be respectful of the items we hire out as we like them back in one piece.

  • No climbing and hanging from the tent frames, they are for decoration purpose only

  • No detaching lights, bunting or garland from the frames.

  • No jumping on the beds

  • No naked flames near any of the equipment

  • Most important rule of all is to make sure you have a brilliant night.


  We take the items back with us check them over and any items that might be damaged or missing we will then deducted the amount appropriate for the item from the deposit, You will receive your deposit within one week from us collecting the items.


If you have any further questions please just get in contact with us 


   twilightsleepovers@gmail.com       07508414173  /  07456013691


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